The "Playpen Project"

Remember this quilt?

I posted about it on September 15, 2009. That is over 6 months ago by my calculations. Below is a quote from that blog post.

"I'm really, really happy with how it turned out and is making me excited to make other things. But first I have to finish the playpen project."

I bolded that just now. So why has it taken me 6 months to finish it off?

I sewed something wrong and needed to pick out stitches. I hate picking out stitches. Alot. So there it sat in my WIP bin for 6 months. Ridiculous. Anyone else do that?

This is what the playpen used to look like. My parents used it for their 8 children and now I'm using it for mine. But it has seen better days. It needed some TLC.

See the tape? That's from when my parents had it. I used some duct tape to reinforce where it needed and then made rail covers. Or whatever you might call them.

Patchwork to match the quilt, of course. Snapped on between each rail. So nice to chew on.

And yes, we took the playpen outside to take photos of it. Benjamin was happy to help me with this 'manly' job during Spring Break.

Now that that's done, I should make covers for the crib rails too. Look for an update in say, September. :-)


  1. You've done a lovely job. It looks brilliant!!

  2. Very nice Alisa! Did you also tie the quilt in or is it on some foam (I vaguely remember you saying that)so it doesn't slide around?

  3. this is amazing...i love love love this project. i also love the wonderland. i just finished my wonderland quilt. i love that they all snap around the rails. gorgeous