They don't all work out so well...

I thought I'd make Carolin a cute shirt and shorts outfit using a dress pattern and only fabric I had on hand.

This is Take 1. I underestimated how long it should be and the top came out too short. And I find it too full in the 'dress' part.

Below are some photos of Take 2.

You can see that the shorts are way to big for her. I used a Size 2 and took it in 3inches and they are still way too big. Lesson for next time - measure first.

I added some inches to the shirt. I initially was going to add another tier but I didn't have enough fabric to do so. I was so tempted to buy some more fabric and just turn it into a dress, but I wasn't going to spend any money on it. Besides she has so many dresses already. I used one of my embroidery stitches on the seam.

So, they don't all work out so well. But that's all part of it and I'm always learning.

She did wear the top with a long-sleeved t-shirt under it to Bible Study this week. I even got a few compliments on it.

Pattern for top: Burda 9702


  1. I think the top looks really, really cute Alisa! I can see what you mean about the fullness but it's still very cute!

  2. but she is as cute as can be!!!

  3. I think both tops looks really really cute

  4. Eventhough it may not have come out exactally as planned, it still looks adorable!

  5. I think you did a really good job with what you had on hand, and I really like the look of the extra skirt length with the embroidery.

  6. I think it looks really cute!!

    I'm going to be attempting some tops sans pattern and hope mine come out as cute as that!

  7. This is really cute, and hey, she'll grow and before you know it, those pants will be too small!
    Looks like she loves her new outfit.