Kids Fabric Crafts

My kids love my fabric scraps.  I find them digging in my garbage can by my sewing machine saying "Can I have this one Mom?"  So they "quilt" with paper, glue and fabric!  Here's something we did quite a while ago, using scraps from this quilt, and that I just got around to hanging up and taking a picture.  They are in the kids playroom and are a nice cheerful addition.
(I really can't take pictures in a dark basement!)
The frames are from Ikea and I've had them since I was a teen.  I'm glad I hung onto them :)

Any other non-sewing fabric craft ideas?


  1. what a great idea! -Thanks!- Rachel has a bag full of scraps I am not allowed to throw away. This will help to make use of some of them.

  2. my kids love to cut my scraps into little tiny pieces but they know to ask me which ones they can have...not the nice ones. they love to use them, and this looks amazing. what a great idea to incorporate them into what you love.

  3. I did this between clear contact paper and they made beautiful suncatchers. It was great because the layered fabrics look different with sun shining through.
    We did egg shaped during Easter.

  4. Hi Suzanne! That is such a neat idea! Nice and bright and great for a kid's playroom. It's a good idea to remember. :) Linnet