Spring Break Activities

I had a hard time taking a photo of these, but look so neat hanging in our patio doors.

We took wax paper, an old cheese grater and crayons (old stubby ones.) We grated crayon onto a piece of wax paper. We did different colour combinations. Then put another same-size piece of wax paper on top. Cover your ironing board with an old piece of cotton. Put your wax-paper sandwich on it. Put another piece of cotton on top. Something you don't ever want to use for anything else. Iron it on low, no steam. Take your pressing cotton off and you will have a beautiful pattern of colour. The kids loved it!

Then we traced circles onto the finished wax-paper, cut them out and I sewed them together to form random strings of circles. We had some left-over and I sewed them together on my sewing machine. Much faster! Those ones are hanging in Benjamin's room. Melissa made some hearts which I stitched on the machine. They are in her window.

A fun spring break project for the kids and I!

We've also been to the zoo, played with cousins, read books, played playmobil, gone swimming, visited Oma, cheered on the Bruins (Benjamin) and played games. One more week left. We are hoping to have another good week together. Which means I may not be posting anything for another week. I am managing to sneak in some sewing time though.