A gift for me...

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!
When I went to sew yesterday afternoon, look what I found!  My husband went about very secretly and added some wonderful storage areas to my sewing room!  Today is my birthday but he had to do it when I was out and he couldn't keep me from sewing so I got my gift a day early :)

As time goes on I'm sure things will move around to where they work for me.

Now the pressure's on to use the space, which isn't really a problem :)  And I have been doing some quilting/sewing but I seem to keep starting new things and not finishing them - hence the white board!

In the pictures I see 7 projects I'm working on or have ready to start...can you?


  1. I don't dare count how many projects have been started or purchased and ready to start right now . . . at least we have choices depending on our mood when we go to sew, right?

  2. What a great gift - and I hope your birthday was wonderful!!!

  3. Happy belated Birthday Suzanne!