The End

of the great PJ sew down of 2011. Total was 6 pairs of PJ bottoms, 4 sets of PJ's and 1 nightgown. We are set for winter! And the greatest thing? Every last bit of the fabric was from my stash!

My girls are the same size so I made 4 pj pants for the 2 of them to share.

The only way to get her to stand still long enough.  "Show mommy how old you are."

He doesn't know how old he is, I guess.
The red stripe was necessary so I could get a pair out of this fabric.

And the short sleeves were necessary on this one.  So glad to use up all these fabrics!
Have a good week!  I'll be back with a few more sewing projects later this week.  DV.


  1. these are great....what a bonus that all the fabric was stash

  2. I *love* when I can use up stash pieces. Aren't you lucky to be ready for winter with new pj's. ...Haven't even thought that far!

  3. Wow, it's done. How rewarding.

  4. That must have made a big dent in your stash! They look great :)