Things That Make My Heart Sing

Or I could call the post "My Ordinary Life."  Either way they are both true.

Sometimes I feel that this blog isn't a fair representation of what our lives are like.  To be honest I spend way more time in my kitchen than in my sewing room.  And, I like cooking and baking just as much as sewing.  Today I took some snapshots to show you what my kitchen looks like at least once per week (usually twice.)

My helpers.

Unedited photo of what my kitchen really looks like.

Cinnamon Buns on the rise.  These ones aren't for us though.

Pasta sauce simmering.

Music to listen to.
And that, my friends is what makes my heart sing.  A warm house, healthy and happy children, baking in the works and supper on the go.  God is good.

Don't get me wrong here.  Things don't always go well.  Hard things happen and are happening.  But God is good in allowing wonderful, everyday things to happen too.


  1. Josie saw the picture of your counter with your rolling pin etc and said that that picture looked like my kitchen! And I had one dough ball, not two this morning!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. mmm... looks good! It's so wonderful when we can enjoy the everyday things in life. anne

  3. Those ginger snaps look yummy!

  4. i have been wanting to bake but now looking at your pictures i think i want to even more. those cinnamon rolls must be heavenly!!!