KCWC Days 5 & 6 ...

... looked more like this.
This is me.

One of the gorgeous views. 

My gorgeous sister-in-law (one of the Karens!)

View of the Black Diamond Ranch.

Gorgeous, crispy morning.

God's handiwork.

Yup, those are frosty mushrooms.

Coldwater River.

Cows.  Wow, what a caption.


The other three s-i-l's.

And yes, I did do some sewing too.  Finished this nightgown for Carolin.
Great times were had.  And a lot of eating and relaxation too.  Looking forward to doing it again!  Thanks so much s-i-l's for being so great!


  1. Could you tell me where you got the pattern/idea for the nightgown? I would like to make my girls one of these and a matching smaller one for their dolls... BTW, it looks like had a wonderful getaway :)

  2. Gorgeous pics! Sounds like a great time :)

  3. Beautiful pictures - looks like it was a good time! anne

  4. Woohoo! That looks so fun! That is so up my alley!
    The pictures you took are pretty nifty too:)

  5. Jen - it was alot of fun! And I can totally see this being up your alley too.

  6. Laura - I used McCalls 4104. I'm not sure that it is in print any more as I've had it in my box for a long time and likely got it from my s-i-l. But you can always try.

  7. Is that Suzanne on the quad?? Hey Anne and Suzanne, can you see it?

  8. How can I become your sister...ha-ha your trip to the ranch is right up my alley......except the crafting part. I think I would be outside on the quads and with my camera the whole day :)