I have to share!

We received two beautiful handmade gifts this week!  I give a lot of handmade gifts but don't often receive them so this was very special!

A little vest with cabled owls across the front:

And a set (also owls!) with a hat that'll go with the sweater or vest!  This was from my friend who I made this quilt for.
Thank you Vanessa and Laura!!


  1. That second set is GORGEOUS! Does she sells these too??

  2. Isn't it? It's wool and the blue she dyed herself! Very creative. I can't imagine she'd sell them...all the time put into it what would you charge? But she can pipe in here if I'm wrong ;)

  3. Unfortunately, Suzanne's right. It would be hard to sell these for what I'd have to charge for time. My knitting is a labour of love. :) (Also, these patterns are all only for personal use, except for the owl hat.)

  4. Cute! I love owls. C has an owl hat very similar but pink!

  5. I love owls!!! Especially the hat is so cute!