KCWC Day 2 Cut, Cut, Cut!

 I cut out 6 pairs of pj pants and 4 sets of pj's.  That's alot of cutting!  I did it on my kitchen counter with the kids playing around me.
This stack of fabrics is ready to be made into Sunday outfits for the girls.  Black and white.  So boring, but that's what they wanted.  I think they'll turn out cute.

Today I would like to sew all day but I have to do some groceries and make supper too.  Why does that housekeeping stuff always get in the way? :-)


  1. Hi ladies! I love your whole make more with less blog! I am really working hard to embrace such a lifestyle but it's really tough! Thank you for your inspiration. And I can't wait to see how these church dresses come out!

  2. I like the black and white fabrics :) You could always add some colour with some tights/leggings. anne

  3. Black and white dresses are classic. Depending on the pattern, you can add a colored sash and match hair ribbons to it as well. Also nice to see some 'familiar' fabrics in that PJ pile... have fun sewing it all! KarenK

  4. I agree with Karen...black and white dresses are classic!