You Colour My World Quilt

Made with love for my sister-in-law Karen (the other one.)

Karen picked out the fabrics herself which made this quilt a little more challenging, in a good way.

I didn't follow a pattern, just squared up each block at 15 inches. This made for fun, relaxing piecing.  I had planned to do straight line quilting but I decided to meaner quilt it.  The brown floral is flannel and I found that on some seams it was starting to fray.  Hopefully by meandering it the seams stay where they are supposed to and won't fray any more.

We bought about 10 yards of fabric. I had just enough for both the front and the back. There is only a small pile of scraps left. That is such a good feeling.

I call this quilt "You Colour My World" because it is, well, colourful. And because Karen is one of those people that colours my world. She's not only my s-i-l but a great friend too.

This quilt is my entry for Stitched in Color's "Celebrate Color' contest this month.  I really, really wanted to get it done in time and I did!
Celebrate Color

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  1. I love this quilt and have a lot of fabric just sitting around gathering dust. How did you make your squares? Thank you!

  2. Love it! How does it feel with some flannel on the front? Do you notice the texture difference? Looks very cozy for this time of year! I need one :)

  3. this really is pretty. i love that brown floral

  4. Love you too girlie!
    Very nice, can't wait to snuggle under it!

  5. Very beautiful quilt! Love the colors!

  6. I've not visited many blogs in the past few months, and I've been missing out on all the lovely things that have kept you busy. The You Colour My World quilt is fantastic. Great job on the meandering.

  7. It really is such a good feeling to use up all that fabric and just leave a few scraps. Well done!