KCWC Day 4

Today I continued to sew my way through my pile of cut out pj's. Again, I would have liked to get more accomplished but it wasn't to be. I sewed up this pair of pj's for Zachary and a pair of pj pants for Benjamin. Ben is not a willing model these days, especially if it means going outside into the light to get a photo taken. His are matching to Zachary's pants. They like that.

A few years ago I received a few boxes of fabric from one of Gord's aunts who sewed alot when she was younger. In the box was about 10 metres of this fabric on a bolt. I've made 3 complete pairs of pj's from it and now these 2 pairs of pants. Benjamin is tired of this fabric by now but I am determined to sew from my stash and use this stuff up.

The stripe is a knit that I bought a couple of years ago at Fabricland for $2/m.  So, very thrifty pj's.   I like them and so does Zachary.  In fact he didn't want to take them off and proceeded to bike in culdesac with them on.  I wonder what the neighbors think?

Thanks for following along on my sewing journey!  Kind of boring sewing, but blogging about it is keeping me motivated.  Thanks for the comments!  I'm going to continue sewing along this week but I'll not be posting.  I am going away for 2 days with my sisters-in-law to 'the Ranch' for a fun weekend of crafting (for me that is sewing), chatting, quading, walking, enjoying the great outdoors and each others' company.  I am looking forward to it!

And Suzanne, I'm looking forward to chatting on the phone with you next week. :-)


  1. They look really cute! Have fun at the ranch!!

  2. Cute pajamas - it's always nice to make something from your stash. Have a nice time away! anne

  3. Haven't commented before but I have been vicariously enjoying your lovely family for some time. This doesn't seem like boring sewing at all when it is appreciated enough to go biking in, and the stripe/print combo is cute.


  4. I really like the pj pattern. Did you make it up or could I buy it somewhere? My pj tops never fit as well as I'd like them to...

  5. Hi Shirley - Yes, the pattern is in a sense made up. I use an old Butterick pattern but I have changed it so much over the years that it doesn't resemble the old pattern very much. My advice would be to do the same. Find a similar pattern and adjust it to what you want. For example I make my 10 year old son the size 7 shirt but lengthen the arms and shirt part about 6 inches. For the pants I use size 7 and make them narrower yet and add length too. My son is slim but the pattern is also ridiculously wide.