In Their Best Dresses

My girls on Easter Sunday.

Carolin's dress I made last year for Deanna.  It fits her beautifully this year - yeah!

Melissa and Deanna's dress were made from the same pattern.  Little Prairie Girl by Favorite Things.

I wanted something not to "little girlish" but not totally grown up either.  They are after all only 9 & 7.  And of course, something they would actually like and wear.  I think I hit the mark.  They both love their new dresses.

Melissa's dress.  The lace is from a thrifted sheet.  Actually it wasn't even thrifted.  My m-i-l volunteers at our local Bibles For Missions store and picked it up for free.  Even better.

The under skirt on both dresses are actually from a sheet too.  It's just too painful to put a pretty (and costly, comparatively) fabric under another something just so the bottom 2 inches will show.  With Melissa's I used the lace at the bottom, but with Deanna's I used a print just on the part that would show.  I forgot to take a photo of it of course.

 I love my girls.  Inside and out!


  1. Oh, so special. It is very obvious how much you love your girls!

  2. What cute dresses. The girls are pretty cute too.

  3. Very cute, Alisa!! Your girls are so beautiful. What I can't believe are the beautiful tulips there!!! I can't wait for spring to show over here!

    1. They're actually daffodils, Suzanne. :-) And I love them! Do you have any in your garden (when spring arrives that is...)

    2. oops :p I do know they're daffodils! I see a few tips poking out of the garden over here...very exciting! I can't wait until the grass starts getting green again :)

  4. The dresses are beautiful, all three! I love seeing pictures of your three girls together....reminds me of when my older 3 girls were little.

  5. YOur girls are beautiful in their Easter finery! Love the dresses too.:)

  6. They are so precious!! I had 5 boys before I got my girlie : )