Three & Five Tomorrow

Tomorrow my little ones celebrate their birthdays. As you can imagine, there is some excitement in our house. Birthdays are days to celebrate and let the kids become involved. Following are some photos of our preparation. Let's call it a "handmade birthday". And we'll call it "keeping it real." Just some proof that there are still some moms left who don't have 'pinterest-perfect' parties.

My birthday banner.  I should have ironed it before I hung it up.  It looks wrinkly.  No matter - the kids don't care.

Carolin's '5' shirt.  I gave up on the dress that was causing me significant problems and did a simple shirt instead.  She's quite happy with it.  See the "Birthday Girl' ribbon?  We've used that over and over.  Just from the Dollar Store but so appreciated.

Zachary's shirt, which you had a peak of already.

And now for keeping it real. The photo of the decorations my kids made for the big day. 

1. Paper chains made with recycled paper ream covers.  (My dad has a printing company...We get stuff like that.  Recycling at it's best!)  Kids made them and even hung them up.
2.  Dishes.  They're air drying. :-)
3.  Messy coffee/tea shelf.
4.  Lots of special papers on the fridge.
5.  Lunch bags needing lunches in them for tomorrow.
6.  My list and another photo.  And Deanna, who can't resist brightening up a photo.

So yeah, not Pinterest Perfect.  Not even close.  But it's real and love lives here.  I'm just posting this to encourage you all.  You need not plan your kids' parties for months to get it perfect.  Just have some good food, good decorations :-), some cupcakes a few presents and some friends and it will be a great time!

I hope to post again on Friday with some details....


  1. happy birthday...i am so with you on simple birthday plans. we have never had anything hugs just a few friends and grandparents and it works! love the banner.....it looks great

  2. I am sure no kid ever cared if their party was pintrest perfect, it's just the adults who do. :) Lovely banner! Wrinkles and all!

  3. Happy Birthday to Zachary and Carolin. Reuben keeps talking about his new friends!! I think you will have to come over before the summer...don't think we can wait that long to get together with you again!
    Love your party decorations and such! Makes me feel a little better about Dustin's party this past Monday. Fishing in the slough and a campfire...in well than perfect weather! The mud, oh, the mud that is everywhere because of it, yikes!! But I heard the boys saying that it was a great party, so that's what counts!

    1. Dustin's birthday sounds like a boys dream come true. Isn't that what boys like to do? Benjamin's (in Feb.) was hockey on the street. :-)

      And yes, maybe we can visit before summer. I think Carolin and him played quite nicely together (she is a much softer personality than Zachary.) If time would just slow down...

      BTW - My flowers are still looking quite gorgeous! I am really enjoying them - thanks again!

  4. I love the shirts - and the birthday ribbons. J made herself one for her last birthday - definitely makes them feel special :)
    Have a great day and happy birthday to Carolin and Zachary!

  5. Happy birthday to Carolin and Zachary! (Thanks for showing those airdrying dishes, makes me feel better!) - Linnet

  6. Just popping in to say how much I enjoy your blog. It's not one of those fancy blogs, which would make me feel like I just don't have the scads of $$ lying around needing to be a quilter! I love hearing about your kids, your simple God-fearing perspective on things, and your fun projects. I also love your comment "but it's real and love lives here." That's all that counts, right? Keep it up sisters!
    Linda Tenhage, Grassie CanRC, Ontario

    PS - Feel free to visit my blog, although sadly it very much needs updating! We've since been blessed with the birth of another son, and the blog just doesn't get priority!

    1. Hi Linda - You've commented on our blog before and I wondered who you were... :-) Anyway, you made my day with your lovely comment. And I went over to your blog to check you out. You are also a busy mom of 4 boys (wow!) Thanks for the comments and reading our blog. Have a good day! Alisa

  7. Forgot to add my blog address: www.jlozn.blogspot.com - enjoy!

  8. Happy Birthday Carolin and Zachary!

    Am I allowed to say that your keeping it real photo is what my kitchen looks like after I've been slaving for hours cleaning it (which is never!)?lol

  9. My youngest turns 1 next week and we are *gasp* only having a little family over. Also, I never would have noticed all the little "messes" you pointed out in your kitchen photo - ah how we are our own best critics. Hope the birthdays were fun!