KCWC Day 1

Yesterday I worked on a bucket hat for Sophie...
...but didn't get quite finished. I spent a lot longer than an hour in the basement but things take a long time when there are kids involved :)
I'm not sure when I'll get my hour in today (it'll probably be tonight) but hopefully I can finish off this hat and get a start on the next one.

The pattern is from Oliver & S "Little Things to Sew".


  1. Yay!! Looks fantastic!! :) ... Now we'll just need some nice weather...

  2. It looks really good, and you're just about finished. It'll take not time to finish it!

  3. Looks great, Suzanne! This is what I was talking about: http://sapl.lib.overdrive.com/BD559464-E9F6-4191-9B3D-F0FB503016AD/10/803/en/default.htm
    You can log in using your sapl ID.

  4. thta is such a cute hat...does it have a strap?