My kcwc plans

This week is KCWC!   I don't have anything started or prepped but that's what this week is all about isn't it?  The push to actually do those things that are making a list in our minds.  A few things I hope to get to:

  • a couple bucket hats for Sophie and Sebastian
  • bibs for Sebastian (can you believe I don't have any for him!)
  • leggings and tunic top for Sophie
  • a dress for Anneke - I still need to find fabric for this!

I think that even if I get the top two done I'll be happy.  I can't set my goals too high these days.  Today will be a good start with a friend coming over who also want to make some hats so we can sew together!

I'll report back each evening with what I was able to do.

So, how about you?  Are you joining in this year?



  1. I am not signing up, mostly because I can't load pics and have been neglecting my blog, but I am going to be makign my girls travel bags with crayon slots on the outside for our trip in less than two weeks. I bought laminated cotton, and have to wait for my sewing machine (or moms whose will be done before mine) to get back from the sewing spa.

  2. Yeah! - You can do it, Suzanne!

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  4. can't wait to see some pictures!