Pretty {little} Pouch Swap

I did something quite daring and joined the Pretty {little} Pouch Swap on Flickr.  I was a bit anxious that I wouldn't be able to deliver but I'm pretty happy with the result.  And truth be told, I wish I didn't have to send it off.  Good thing I received a very beautiful pouch from my partner.

The front.  Just realized that it's sideways on the photo.  I had so much fun with the dresden plate and I hope to revisit it someday.  My hand stitches aren't perfect by any means, but I think they add character to it.  As you can see, I didn't use either of the fabrics I was auditioning for the background but went with this polka-dot gray.  I really like it.

The back.  It turned out kind of wonky, but I was running out of time, so here it is.

Sent along a few fq's and a pretty ceramic button.

I actually really enjoyed the hand applique and then the hand stitching.  Maybe I'll take up a small stitching project for the summer.

The pouch I received from Sawyer's Nana.  She's Canadian!  And and excellent stitcher!  I am quite pleased with this as I don't do a whole lot of stitching myself.  I know it takes time, lot's of it!

Beautiful zipper pull made with buttons.

And more embroidery on the back.  I can't tell if it's hand done or on the machine.  What do you think?

And a photo of (mostly) everything in the pouch.  That green container with different compartments is full of buttons!  Colourful buttons!  Love it.  Also, a cute pouch pattern, some embroidery floss and a zipper.  Is it bad that I used the zipper on the pouch I'm sending out? :-)  I didn't have any in the correct size and this one was perfect.

All in all a fun swap.  I was a little down to the wire on time but other than that it was a great excuse to try something new.

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. I love them both! I really like the grey dot background - for a pouch it works better than both the other two you had. I'm very impressed with all the hand stitching! The pouch you got is really beautiful - wow! I think the back is all done by hand too.

  2. The colors look fabulous against the gray dot background and the handstitching adds depth to it. It's a beautiful pouch...I can see why it was hard to let go of! But the one you received in turn is great too.:)

  3. Job well done! I love all the little details in both pieces.