KCWC Days 4 and 5

My week ran away from me and I didn't get to blogging for days 4 & 5.  I made 4 bibs over the two days.  Not really clothes but when you have a baby just starting solid foods bibs are an essential accessory!  I probably spent more time on them than I needed too but cute bibs are just so...cute!
two more
the back

I also went with Anneke to Fabricland and we picked out some fabric for a new Sunday dress for her.  The pattern I got passed on to me a few years ago and it seemed like a good time to pull it out and sew up a basic sundress for her.

Days 6 and 7 being Saturday and Sunday were not spent in my sewing room at all but this week I hope to make Anneke's dress.


  1. these bibs are great....and such a cute dress pattern. i love the fabric you chose

  2. Cute! The bibs look really good! Which ones are you keeping for S? Looking forward to seeing the dress....