WIP Progress

I'm still on the bandwagon. I am only working on things in my Work-In-Progress pile (as well as a few commitments) during the month of October. The month is almost over. I've completed one very old WIP and finished my commitments so I have a few days to finish a couple more WIP's, I hope.

I started and finished this table quilt to give as a prize for a contest. It was quick and fun.

Instead of my usual stippling I tried some loops.

I also made a covered notebook for a second prize. I am happy to say that both of the recipients loved their prizes.

One other commitment I had for this month were pj's for my son. He was still wearing his summer pj's and it's a bit chilly for that. He could really use another pair but I'll make some for Sinterklaas for him.


  1. i love the quilting that you did

  2. They look good Alisa! I really like the loopy quilting. How do you make your notebook covers? Do you follow a tutorial?

  3. for sinterklaas? :):) (only 3 days away!) Okay I stumbled on your blog thanks to sew mama sew and every post I read makes me love you guys even more!