A wall organizer

A good friend of mine just celebrated her 30th birthday.  She has made me many beautiful gifts and I wanted to make her something.  Coming up with what to make for someone who is very crafty can be kinda hard though...

Enter...pinterest!  I checked out her pins and saw this wall organizer.

I didn't buy the pattern, just copied it and it worked - yea!  I used a layer of canvas and fusible fleece for the pockets and two layers of canvas for the back.

Happy 30th Laura!!


  1. I really like it, Suzanne! I like it better than the one she pinned... :-) Happy Birthday, Laura!

  2. Looks great! I like how the pocket openings curve.:)

  3. I love it, Suzanne!! You did a great job on it, even better without a pattern. :) I especially love the colours - I don't generally go for green/olive myself, but I should - I love it. I just have to decide where to hang it now.

  4. Great job Suzanne! I actually have the quilting magazine with this pattern in it, and have it on my 'one-day-to-sew' list. I like your method of hanging it much better.

    1. I'm curious, Rebecca, how the one in the magazine was hung. I couldn't tell from the pictures and I had the grommets in the house so I just did it that way.

  5. and you even went with the same type of fabric! looks great.