First Ever Family Day

Today is BC's first ever Family Day.  We spent it with our family - fitting isn't it?  Doing nothing special but yet special anyway.  You know what I mean?


Repaired and serviced Sewing Machine.

Handing me pieces.

"Deciding Random" for me.

Pressing for me.  Love my little helpers today!

My boys playing hockey in the street.


  1. Looks like a wonderful, heartwarming day! Love the pics of your girls helping you sew!

  2. Looks like a nice day Alisa! Yesterday we went to the Canucks Super Skills day at Rogers Arena. If you're ever able to go, it's well worth it. Very affordable ($13/ticket), it wasn't crowded and was very very family friendly. We had a great time! So, not officially on family day but we'll call yesterday our family day instead. Today we were very very lazy. :)

  3. so neat that your girls work on projects with you!