Sweet Pouch Swap

I joined a little pouch swap put on by Ros of Sew Delicious.

I tried a pattern I had bought quite some time ago - the Inset Zip Pouch by Michelle Patterns.  It is a great pattern and came together quite well.

Stuffed full of goodies.  I am not sure if they are 'Canadian', but all things I like anyway.

And the pouch I received from Australia!

It was so much fun opening up this package all the way from Australia.  My kids really enjoyed this too and my partner outdid herself!  If you look at the photo above you will notice that those aren't actually chocolate bars.  They're just wrappers.  You see, all the goodies were devoured before I took a photo of it.  There were more than just those ones pictured above.  For the record, I did not eat it all myself but I did taste everything. :-)

It was a lovely package to receive and a beautiful pouch - thank you so much, Emma!


  1. What a fun swap! I like both pouches (and what's inside them!).

  2. So much fun! I'm sure your pouch and goodies will be well received.:)