Birthdays and Bibs

This post was going to be about bibs, but I can't post without mentioning that it's Melissa's birthday today. Here's a photo of my seven-year-old.

I love her more all the time and pray that she'll grow into a beautiful woman who loves her Lord. Though I hope she doesn't grow too fast!


Anyone who knows me in real life (not sure how many of you read our blog - hey why don't you comment and say hi!) knows that I like to make and give bibs. They are a small but rewarding sewing project and so useful to the recipient. I know my bibs are used alot. I've just made a bunch to give and also for Zachary who is starting to eat (very messily.)

Raw-edge applique using a piece of the backing fabric.

Don't you just love these cute prints? The marco polo (blue) print is one of my favourites, but Benjamin loves the machines.

I made a few with this cotton waffle fabric. I don't like it as much as the thick cotton terry (is the what you call towel fabric?)

This one is for Zachary.

For a sweet newborn in our church.

And just for fun, some photos of some I've made in the past.

This one is made with a thrifted towel. It's one of my favourites.


  1. Those bibs are so cute! I have never tried one as my kids are past that stage as are the peer group, but will have to keep that in mind in 10 yrs or so for grandkids of peers.... at least 15 before having to think about for my grand kids :)

  2. Wow I can't believe how many you've made! And you do them so well!

    And...Happy Birthday Melissa! I hope you had a good day yesterday :)

  3. So cute! I used to make bibs back in the day when my kids and friends' kids were babies. I might have to get back into doing it. It looks fun. :)

  4. Great work! And the last one is one of my favorites too :)

  5. I hope that your Melissa had a special birthday.:) The bibs are adorable. Handmade baby gifts are the best...I cherish the ones that I was lucky enough to receive when my kids were little.

  6. I just love the orange flower bib! Your daughter is beautiful! I hope she enjoyed her day.

  7. fun fun fun!
    I am also a bib junkie! They whip up so easily and make a great gift. I also make them for the local Winterfest (school fundraiser). My favourite is the tractors - love that material!

  8. Nice bibs. Do you use a pattern?

    Your daughter is so cute. Happy Birthday Melissa!!

  9. Yes, it's called Terry Towelling or Terry Cloth.... that took me back to my days working at Hamel's Fabrics :-)