Thrifty Threads #6

Fall Outfit from Ladies Sweater and Skirt

I wanted another outfit for Melissa for church. She has a jumper, but it is getting too short, and, if possible, I like to have two outfits to switch things up a bit. I wanted to make a dress, but there wasn't too much money left in our clothing budget this month. So I had to rely on my inner thrift and make more with less.

I took a trip to the local Bibles for Mission thrift store where I scored a ladies skirt and top for $3. (I also scored a perfect pair of jeans for myself!)

I used a shirt pattern to kind of remake the top. I was able to use the sleeve as is except for making it shorter and also bottom band of the shirt, so no hemming was needed. It was very quick and easy. I think I will do it again. The skirt was pretty much totally remade, except for the bottom hem. I used the hem of the original skirt.

Flower Brooch to match. It's removeable so I don't have to wash it. I found the tutorial at Sew Blessed.


  1. Wow, wow, wow!! That is so great and it looks really good! I love how she's standing like a little model :)

    Was it originally a turtleneck sweater or did you make that part yourself?

  2. Suzanne - I made her put her hands on her hip :-) The first shots were very stiff so I started chatting with her and shooting photos. That's why they aren't so clear.

  3. she looks spiffy - very nice job!

  4. Sew cute! The button pin makes it fun, she looks "maah-valous, dah-ling!"

  5. Good work on getting her to cooperate Alisa :) A skill I need to learn more of!
    The outfit is very cute, wish I had the desire to do that more often.

  6. This is great! She looks adorable in her new outfit. I really like the flower pin, too. A nice way to jazz it up :)

  7. so cute! I have to start being more crafty!
    I love the feeling of making things- the items are so special and they feel loved!