Paper Crafting & Star Tutorial

I have children who love to craft. The table is always full of coloring pages, drawings and cut up papers and fabric (they have a lot of fun with my scraps!). The other week I showed them how to make 3D snowflakes that I found from this tutorial. She nicely reposted it this year so I didn't have to go searching through the archives :). My 5 and 6 year old caught on quickly and had a lot of fun!

Here they are, hanging in our front window!My husband also showed them how to make 3D stars and here's a little tutorial on how to make those:

Take two squares of paper the same size. You can get creative and use fancy paper...we just used regular old computer paper.
Fold them both horizontally and diagonally, both ways.Cut down the horizontal lines to within about an inch and a half from the centerFold over all eight triangles to the diagonal linesOverlap the triangles you just folded and glue or tape downGlue your two stars together (or use double-sided tape) and... Ta-Da! You've got a cool 3D star to decorate your home!
Then you can decorate them however you like. Glue and glitter, stickers, plain old colouring as my kids like to do etc.

Have fun!


  1. Very neat star! I like that top photo. It looks like there is light shining through the middle of the star.

  2. Hey Suzanne, I just made a snowflake to try out, and think I will have the girls do that for tomorrows craft!
    Thanks for posting!

  3. I love this idea! I will have to try it with the kids!
    I wish you would change your blogger settings so that your email shows up and I can reply to all the nice comments that you leave on my blog!

  4. Hmmm.......might have to make these for my window they look so charming.

  5. She looks so proud of her star!