A Yummy Pillowcase

For Melissa. She loves it! And now, except for a few scraps, that sweet cupcake fabric is gone.

Some randomness...

* Suzanne and I really appreciate all of the comments our readers leave us. It's fun to read them all!
* We've decided to have a giveaway when we have 25 followers. That's a hint.
* Suzanne is almost finished her quilt. That's why she hasn't been posting lately. I really, really want to see it....
* We took a self-portrait of our family on Remembrance Day. Not perfect, but not bad.


  1. Very cute pillowcase! What's the quilt under it? I don't remember that fabric.
    I also love the family photo - the leaves are beautiful (I mean, next to you all of course :))

  2. Love the pillowcase Alisa.
    Just so you know I have seen Suzanne's bright quilt and it is beautiful. I am thinking of making one like it when I am done my two twin quilts I am making for the girls. There is alot of handstitching so it is a loooooooooong process. But lots of fun.
    Love the blog :}
    Karen Schouten

  3. Self portraits are the best :)

  4. That is a great self-portrait. You have a beautiful family!!