Our last post was our 100th! We've been having fun with our little blog, trying not to stress out over it and enjoying doing it together.

We thought we'd make a list for you...

100 Things about Alisa & Suzanne

I (Alisa) am going to start by telling you 50 things about Suzanne. I hope I can do this without giving too much away. (We're pretty close you know.)

1. Suzanne's middle name is Elizabeth.
2. She's named after both of her grandmothers.
3. They used the nice names for me so they fell back on family names. :-)
4. Suzanne is 28.
5. Her birthday is on March 26.
6. She got married on August 17.
7. She had her first baby on May 17. (You can do the math.)
8. Suzanne and Conrad have 4 children
9. 3 daughters and 1 son
10. They lived in London, ON for 6 years.
11. They've lived in the Alberta for nearly 2 years.
12. They are going to move to Chilliwack soon.
13. That last statement was wishful thinking.
14. Suzanne has 5 brothers and 2 sisters.
15. She is a great seamstress.
16. And a very good baker.
17. And a good wife.
18. And mother.
19. And sister.
20. She is a good friend to many.
21. She is always willing to lend a hand.
22. She listens.
23. We are planning to go camping together this summer for a week.
24. We are both looking forward to it very much.
25. If I was to pick a best friend it would be Suzanne.
26. Oh boy, this is getting harder now.
27. Suzanne can be stubborn.
28. She now has a daughter that can rival her for stubbornness.
29. Suzanne can cry easily.
30. Especially when she's pregnant.
31. She did not cry at Tom and Yvonne's wedding.
32. Until I got married, we always shared a room.
33. We didn't fight too often.
34. But I did beat her up a few times when we were kids.
35. It was her fault, of course.
36. We have a younger sister, Karen.
37. We were overjoyed when she was born.
38. We both love her very much too.
39. Suzanne loves chocolate.
40. She hides chocolate from her husband, because he likes it too.
41. Suzanne bakes her own bread.
42. She loves fabric.
43. She bought some when we were at Hamel's fabrics.
44. Suzanne is a giver.
45. She likes to make things and give them away.
46. Sometimes she gives fabric.
47. Suzanne has funny feet.
48. She likes reading.
49. But nothing gets done when she's into a good novel.
50. Suzanne desires to serve the Lord in everthing she does and encourages me to do so too. We have deep discussions about many things and that's what keeps us so close.

Phew, that was a bit harder than I thought. On to you Suzanne -

Alisa, Karen (sister) and Suzanne in the middle and
two Sister-in-laws on the sides.
Enjoying a very bonding trip to Hamels a couple of weeks ago!

Alright...now I get to tell you a little bit about Alisa. Here we go:

...is a daughter
...a sister
...a wife
...a mother
...a wonderful friend
...is the third child of eight
...is 3 ½ years older than me
...has been married for 10 years
...has 5 children
...3 girls and 2 boys
...Went to Brazil for 3 months after high school helping in a nursery for sick kids
...had bed bugs
...and a major sunburn.
...Just completed a 100 day diet...
...had no sugar or substitutes for the entire time...
...and lost over 40 lbs!!
...started going grey at 16 and is steadily getting greyer :-p
...has loved sewing as long as I can remember
...made her first “quilt” for me
...kindled in me the love a fabric, quilting and sewing
...that is now a full blown forest fire that I'm trying to control :)
...Is a laundry nut – always on top of it
...I wish I’d catch that!
...has the biggest laundry umbella I've ever seen
...and I wish I had one like it.
...cloth diapers her littlest (with some new, wonderful, one-size fuzzi-bunz)
...makes bread every Monday
...home schools her kids for Kindergarten
...loves scrappy quilts
...has blue eyes
...has had permed hair more often than not
...has taught a lot of people how to quilt over the years
...who now in turn are teaching others!
...talks on the phone to me at least 3 times a week
...encourages me and others
...loves the Lord with all her heart
...and leans on Him for strength every day
...is caring
...and kind
...and giving
...almost feels guilty gifting something that's not handmade
...this is hard
...stole lots of "us" tidbits in her 50 that I can't use
...that's why I'm not using numbers
...hoping you won't go back and count
...because I'm sure I'm short
...oh yea
...she's the oldest daughter but the shortest and...
...uses family names for her kids middle names

I think I made it!

We hope you enjoyed hearing a little more about us...what shocked you most??


  1. haha - you two must be two peas in a pod :) thanks for all your inspiration :)

  2. Loved your 100th post, you both are incredible, inspiring ladies, practicing and living Proverbs 31! I enjoyed reading every line and yes, that would be hard!!

  3. Well girls, that was a pretty cool idea for a 100th post. Alisa, that is GREAT about the 40 lbs lost. You look fantastic!!

  4. You guys are so cute!! I love you both!! Do you want some pictures of my quilt??

  5. I love your blog Suzanne, even if it does make me miss your inspiration here. :) Maybe we'll move to Alberta so I can become more like you. Haha. I hear Neerlandia only has dial-up internet!