Mending Week

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We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a Mending Week here at Making More with Less.

Mending Week you say? How can that be exciting?

Mending does not usually excite us. Making new things is much more exciting and that's why our mending sits around in piles for so long.

So we've dedicated a week to our mending and we thought you'd like to join us. We hope to mend and fix our way to the bottom of our piles. Along the way, we will showcase some of our own and some of your mending. And there may be a prize or two...

What constitutes mending? I'll give you an example of what is on my list...

Holey jeans - these will be made into shorts
Buttons needed (yeah, I'm that bad)
Roller Blinds that need fixing
Crib rail that needs fixing and covering
New cuffs needed on a sweatshirt
Shirt that needs hemming
and the list goes on...

Please feel free to copy our button and link to our blog to spread the word about Mending Week.

Are you an online fabric shop or etsy shop? Would you like to sponsor Mending Week by providing a prize? We would love that and will advertise your shop in exchange. Email Alisa for more information.


  1. i am looking forward to this....any good ideas for jeans that have a worn through hole in the thigh area...i can't make them shorts or they would be daisy dukes....and they are my favorite.

  2. My mending pile is quite small... one little button that came off yesterday. As for my worn out jeans, I've been cutting them up to use for a jean/flannel quilt. (For my jeans, worn out means not wearable, even as shorts.) - Linnet

  3. What a great idea for mending week! My mending pile is tall - with four boys it's to be expected! But this week won't work for me, so it'll have to be another one.

    I found this tutorial and when I read about your holey jeans, thought I'd share it: http://jenandfranz.blogspot.com/2010/04/beforeafter-project-20.html
    I've been putting off doing my boys' holey jeans because I didn't want to tackle that new hem. I'm going to try this for sure!


    Enjoy your week!