Old to New

Pillowcase to nightgown.

It took me 30 minutes and could have been faster with pre-made bias tape.

I didn't use a particular tutorial but there are many out there. Just google "Pillowcase Dress."

And doesn't she look adorable. Even though it's unseasonably cold right now she still wants to wear it. She says it's soooo comfortable.

Have a blessed Sunday. See you all Monday for Mending Week!


  1. What a great idea! I've been looking for nightgowns for my oldest and haven't found much. My mom has a stash of "vintage" pillowcases that are a little much for a daytime dress, but would make a cute nightgown!

  2. this is so cute!! i love how you did the arm opening and neck

  3. Very cute Alisa! Did you put elastic in neck and back?