Mending Week

Do you have a stack of clothes that need mending? Holes in the knees, hems out, buttons off? Do you have a quilt that is ripped, or blinds that need a fix? What about clothing you've made that just needs a little this or that to make it work better? Would you rather sew something new and exciting than mend?

Join us for Mending Week here at Making More with Less!

Here's the plan for Mending Week:

1) Join us! Gather up all your mending and get to work. Mend or fix and then tell us about it. We'll have a Mr. Linky up on Thursday and you can link to your blog post or flickr photos from Thursday through Saturday.

2) Email us! If you've finished up some creative mending (past or present), we'd love to feature it here. Just email a photo and caption to gordandalisa at gmail dot com or email with a link to your blog.

3) Features! We'll be featuring some creative mending as well as a list of mending tutorials from all over.

4) Win! We have some great prizes for those who participate in Mending Week. Two winners will be drawn randomly from those who link up.

We have a couple of wonderful prizes thanks to two great sponsors.

First prize will be for a three-pattern package from Leila & Ben! The patterns are for crochet and sewing, designed by two moms (from Alberta, Canada.) The patterns are modern and simple. See?

They also offer a free pattern for a vest on their site which I would love to make for Zachary this coming fall. Adorable.

Our second prize is a charm pack from Above All Fabric. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to deal with Melanie at Above All Fabric. She goes above and beyond and answers email questions fast. Her online shop is great and she leans heavily toward the apparel end of sewing (rather than quilting) which I think is fun and refreshing. She has a ton of stuff on sale right now, but it ends very soon so get it now.

A charm pack is a great prize for Mending Week. Think patches. Fun! What would you pick?

So, is anyone else on board? Who wants to take care of that mending once and for all? (Yeah, we know. There will always be mending as long as we have kids around.) If you'd like to pass it around, please do! The more the merrier!


  1. That capelet! So cute!

    Mending has never been so fun!

  2. Here is my mending post from couple weeks ago. I'm all done with my pile. Yay me!


  3. Nice! What if you dont have a blog or flickr to link?
    Im not sure about the random drawing idea, isnt that luck based and i didnt think you'd believe in luck and doing prizes that way?

  4. I for sure need the motivation! Most of my items just need new elastic in the waist. A few new zippers, and one just needs to have the hem on some pants let down.

  5. I don't like mending. But now I want to...sigh! I just got some FQs from the Make Life line today. They are so nice!
    Will be back to check out your mending week (and I might even get myself to find something that needs fixing;)

  6. I don't know if this counts...but last week I turned one of my sons jeans with holes in the knees into a skirt for my daughter!

  7. I need to learn how to mend! I mean I know how to sew on a button, but I have lots of things like t-shirts that have small holes that need fixing and I'm not sure how to go about it without making the hole more obvious...

  8. I just helped a friend who is frantically packing trying to be ready for movers to come this week. She has 8 children and thus a HUGE pile (several rubbermaid tubs) of mending, which of course she was never going to get to before the move. I took it home, and although I didn't get all of it done, much of it was fixed up before their move! Whew!