Party Time!!

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I feel like I could have written Alisa's post from last week.  Life is busy here, the weather has been gloriously warm and we've been spending a lot of time outside.  A comment from our wonderful Mother from that post: 

"Time is like the rain. No one can buy it, no promise can bribe it and no device can produce it. Both are gifts of God and both are vital necessities if life is to continue."
 A saying I found in my stash.
Love mom 

Don't you think it's just great that she has a "stash" of sayings :)!  We love you Mom!

On to birthdays and parties... Our first three children are all born in the second half of May so it's a busy time of year!!  Anneke's was on Monday so this Friday is the first party.  It'll be combined with twin girls from her class so lots of girls and (hopefully) lots of fun!  I made these "Poochie Bags" using a tutorial from the Happy Zombie.  I left off the pockets and used just one fabric for the lining and outside.  I also did the "milk carton corners" after I had the whole bag together so the insides have little triangles.  To me they look just fine that way and in the second picture you'll find out why I made these shortcuts!  :)
Here they all are...

Anyone have an creative idea for a game that would involve picking a bag? I thought maybe just musical chairs and when they are "out" they get to pick a bag...
Any other ideas?


  1. look at them all!! they look so great. musical bags sounds like such a fun idea

  2. Pretty! I played a gift exchange game once where a story was read. Each time the word "left" was read, we passed left. And "right", right. It was a Christmas exchange so the story was holiday themed, but you could write your own fun birthday story.

  3. Musical chairs is good... it doesn't take very long to play and getting eliminated has benefits. Unless everyone wants to get out first!

  4. The bags are very cute Susan.....
    Rolling a dice and if you get a certain number (like 6) you get to choose your bag from the middle. Or you can steal from someone, but only have a limit on the steal.......its also easy and fun.
    Musical chairs is good too though, unless like someone said they'll want to get out first.

  5. Cool! They turned out so nice!
    Musical chairs is fun. If you don't tell them ahead of time they get to pick when they're out, they might not try to get out. You can get the picking done where the playing kids can't see the bags yet?

  6. I like the idea of rolling dice and getting a certain number... or you can roll two dice and when you get a double of any number, you can pick a bag. - Linnet

  7. I love the story game idea! If you look online and type in 'pass right, pass left game' you will have several to chose from. There is a cute one about Girl Guides that you could easily change to suit your party. Very cute bags Susan!
    Karen K

  8. gorgeous bags susan! i like the idea of rolling dice and making it a game. there is a good webpage with free dice games but i can't remember where it is. you could combine it with drawing pictures of characters with head/body/legs/shoes and mixing them, kids love that game.

  9. Now I know what all those are for Suzanne! That is the best goody bag ever!

    Bingo? But for all those bags I guess you'd be playing for a while!

    Duck, duck, goose? Same problem as musical chairs I guess.

    I saw a "Pin the Wings on the Fairy" game at Winners - you could let them pick in order of who was closest to the right spot?

    Eye spy?

    Whatever you play you could have them reach into a box/bag and pick one without seeing them so it's a surprise.

    Have fun with all the birthdays! I'm glad I get a break for a bit here. :)