And the winner is...


Off I go to count... 

It's Addy who said... "I'd love to make a skirt just like yours!"
I don't think it's quite enough to make a skirt but hopefully it inspires you to make something else.  :)

Thanks to everyone who entered!  It was a lot of fun reading all the comments and we'd love to have some of participate in Mending Week!


  1. congratulations. so how do you decide this? is it a luck thing? i didnt think you'd believe in luck.

  2. Hi Meg, I just got your comment on the Mending Week post and realized I didn't reply here. I don't think that using a random number generator is the same as believing in luck. If we pick a number out of a hat that too is controlled by God.

  3. yes exactly, but i meant more using it as a way of giving out prizes and promoting a blog with giveaways, maybe my upbringing is different because i was taught that lotteries even free ones are worldly because theyre based on greed and encourage coveting. though sometimes its hard not to covet even when just looking at quilts and fabric. ♥meg♥

  4. You've certainly made us think about this. Our email addresses are in our profile if you want to discuss it more.