Quilt Top, Victoria Day, Rotary Cutter

Hello there! Suzanne and I really enjoyed reading all 374 comments on our Giveaway Post. Yes, 374! There are alot of fabric lovers out there.

In reading the comments we noticed that:

a) You all like tutorials alot.
b) Many of you like photos of quilts.
c) Many of you also like our Thrifty Threads posts too. This makes us happy!

I've been working on a quilt top for my mom. I started making her star blocks last year in May (for Mother's Day actually.) I posted about them here with a tutorial on how to make them. Every couple of weeks (or months) I would give her a couple more. Sometimes I sent them in the mail. It was fun! She got quite a collection and then I took them back and put them together in a quilt top with a border around it. The top is together, but it may be a while before I get it quilted.

I showed it to her last week and she likes it. It will look even better when it is quilted, mom.

Tomorrow it is Victoria Day in Canada. For us, it means a day off and we are planning to head up to my brother-in-law's 'ranch' in Merrit. My kids were interested in what Victoria Day was all about so we looked it up in the World Book Encyclopedia. You know, the encyclopedias on the shelf, the book kind, not the online kind.

Victoria Day commemorates the birthday of Queen Victoria on May 24, 1819. The people of the Commonwealth Nations have always celebrated the birthday as a patriotic holiday. Did you know that Queen Victoria succeeded to the throne after her uncle, King William IV died? He had no heirs. She was only 19 years old when she began her reign and by my calculations, she reigned for 63 years. One more thing. She had 9 children. And, obviously, she was well-loved by the people if we celebrate her birthday every year.

Are there any Australians reading this? Do you celebrate Victoria Day tomorrow too? Just curious.

Has anyone had their child cut themselves on their rotary cutter? Melissa (7) just cut off the tip of her finger a few hours ago. My feelings were mixed between feeling horrible, guilty and angry (because she has been drilled about not touching my cutter and scissors.) Rotary cutters are sharp! And yes, the safety was on, but she can take it off, of course. She was showing her friend how it works. ( I wonder what her friend is going to tell her mom.)

And don't forget about Mending Week, next week. More on that in a couple of days.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I am going to have to hide mine away from now on. I routinely leave it out. How horrible. I hope Melissa is ok. Did you need to go to the ER?
    I love the way that you gave your mom a few quilt squares at a time. I might just do that myself! She'd love it.

  2. The quilt top looks great Alisa! It really didn't need the red...the browns are rich and warm enough.

    Ahhh...she always has to learn the hard way doesn't she?? Makes my stomach turn thinking about it!

    Have a good day tomorrow!

  3. uh oh!!! poor thing!! i am pretty lazy about shutting and putting away my rotary maybe i should be more careful. your quilt top looks great! congrats on such a great response on your giveaway

  4. The quilt looks beautiful! Hope Melissa's finger heals quick ~ that was a lesson she won't soon forget.

  5. A beautiful quilt.

    We don't celebrate Victoria Day in NZ, but we do have Queen's Birthday weekend in June (I guess it is called King's birthday weekend when appropriate, but I've only ever know Queen Elizabeth as the Queen).

    The rotary cutter injury sounds painful. I hope Melissa is ok and her fingers heals quickly.

  6. I soooooooooooooooooo ♥ that quilt. No really, I LOVE it! Wish I was your mom! ;)
    Hope your daughters finger heals well. My son actually once cut his finger on it while it was closed!! Little fingers can get into small spaces.