Mending Week: Ready, Set, Go!

Good morning!

Are you ready? Do you have your pile of mending sitting right beside your sewing machine? Needle threaded? It's Mending Week here at Making More with Less. We aim to get that mending pile out of the way (or at least most of it!)

For more information about Mending Week and what it's all about you can look at our original post.

You know what I just realized? I looked at a 2009 calendar when making the Mending Week button. It says June 1 - 6, but it's May 31 today. So, my apologies, but Mending Week starts today.

I've made a list, because I'm a list type of person. I like crossing things off.

Today I plan to plug away at this list amidst taking care of my children, housework, laundry and baking bread.

Now, over to Suzanne...

Wow!! That's a long list Alisa!  I hope you make some good headway on that this week!

Here's my list:

about 4 pairs of L's holey pants to make into shorts
T's pink shirt - fix seams that are coming out
2 pairs of L's "good" jeans with holes that need patches

make A's brown leggings into capri or short leggings
fix a stuffed animal with it's ear off

I think that's it.  Mostly bottoms as you can see and mostly our 6 year old sons!  He went through so many pants this year I finally figured out how to put a patch on (thanks to my SIL!) and I'll share that with you later this week.

PS Don't forget to email us with photos of any creative mending you've done so we can feature it here on the blog. Also, any links to mending tutorials would be welcome!

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  1. LOL...I didn't catch it either and had to ask one of my older kids if today was the 1st!